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The period of graduating from high school and getting accepted in a college is a time of major transition. Certainly, for a student, college life is a period of high independence but it comes with a load of extra responsibilities and burdens. Some of the biggest worries of a college student are their finances and their academics. With a rise in academic level, the nature of essays gets even more complex,

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Essay writing does not come easily to many students, especially students of higher academic levels like college. The difference in academic difficulty between a high school and college is vast and even students who were over achievers in high school sometimes have a hard time adjusting to college academics. One of the most problematic parts of college education is the amount of essays that are required to pass every subject.

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How many of you students have heard of essay writing companies who are claiming to offer free essay writing service to you? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Most of the time it is! As a very smart person once said “TANSTAAFL: There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”, in the same way there is no such thing as a free essay writing service.

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So you ordered an essay from an essay writing service whose name you heard from a friend’s friend. It was almost the end of the semester and you had tons of essays to do for most of your classes; you were starting to panic at the huge academic load you had and wanted someone to write even one essay for you so that the burden would be lessened.

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Often high school and college students have to make a choice between failing their course subject and getting their required essays done from an essay writing service. The real challenge comes when they have to decide on which essay writing service to buy from. All over the internet, you can find essay writing companies offering students to buy essays which are either overly inflated in price (making students go broke) or completely free (they are also completely scam!).