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So you ordered an essay from an essay writing service whose name you heard from a friend’s friend. It was almost the end of the semester and you had tons of essays to do for most of your classes; you were starting to panic at the huge academic load you had and wanted someone to write even one essay for you so that the burden would be lessened. So you listened to the advice of your friend’s friend and ordered an essay from an obscure service whose name you can’t even remember and which doesn’t even show up on the Search Engine. Now that you have the essay in your hand, you see that it is filled with a million mistakes and is completely off-topic. What’s more, when you checked it for plagiarism, you find that it is mostly a copied version of an essay you found on the net.

So now what?

You call the service to let them know that you will need a revision and they need to edit your essay, and what to do they say? They say that they do not offer an essay editing service and the essay that they had delivered to you was the final version. You could not even demand to get your money back because they did not have a refund policy either. Now you are stuck with a sub-standard essay in your hand which will never be approved by the professor and in danger of failing your college course.

At mkuniv.org, you will never find cause for such concern. Not only does this premium essay writing service produce the best essays without any flaws, but it also provides an essay editing service to all its valued customers. You can either ask for an edit of an essay that you ordered from us, or you can ask to edit an essay that you have written yourself and are uncertain of its quality. mkuniv.org’s essay editing service will ensure that the final essay ready for submission will be flawless.

What Type of Students Need Essay Editing Services?

A Student with a Personal Essay: this type of student has done most of the work of writing the essay himself, yet he is unsure of the quality of his essay. He needs to make sure that the information that he has included in the essay is sufficient, valid and up to date and needs someone to clear all his structural and grammatical mistakes.

A Foreign Student: Although this type of student is reasonably sure that his essay is of high quality, has all the required information and no plagiarism issues, his barrier is language. Since he has arrived in the USA only to study with a student’s visa and is quite new to its language, he needs someone to proof read his essays, to eradicate all grammar and spelling mistakes before submission.

A Buyer From mkuniv.org: Although these students are very rare, as all our essays are of top quality, sometimes students want their writers to write a thing a certain way or to include a piece of information in the text, which the customer had overlooked before.

All these types of students are more than welcome to submit their essay editing requests to mkuniv.org and they will be entertained in the shortest time period.