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How many of you students have heard of essay writing companies who are claiming to offer free essay writing service to you? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Most of the time it is! As a very smart person once said “TANSTAAFL: There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”, in the same way there is no such thing as a free essay writing service. Many students ask who these online free essay writing services are then who claim that they are offering high quality papers for free. The answer to that question is that they are obviously scams who offer students plagiarized essay writing pieces stolen from the Web as new! A lot of students who have fallen prey to these essay writing services have wasted valuable time waiting for a plagiarized assignment when they could be writing one themselves or getting it done from a high quality essay writing service. is that quality writing service that offers students really great essays. Although its essays are not free, they are not very expensive either and the most important thing is that they are authentic, not plagiarized. invites all those students who are in need of essay writing service to come and take a look at its essays which follow the essay writing steps below.

A free essay writing service will not follow all the steps that are required to write an essay of quality. The essay writing process follows the steps below:

Scope of Topic: If a student requires an essay to be no more than a few pages, the essay writer will have to ensure that he focuses on a narrow topic. If the scope of the topic is too wide, the writer will not be able to put sufficient information about the subject in the few pages that he has been given. So the topic will end looking vague and incomplete. Therefore only a narrow topic should be chosen for a small essay.

Research: An essay writer will than look for resources to gather data. A small essay comprising of 5-8 pages will not have many cited sources and often a limit will be given to a student on how many references he can use in his paper. It is best to gather data from as many varied resources as possible like encyclopedias, academic journals and online resources; however ensure that they must all be valid.

Organization: The research data should be organized according to priority; this can be done with the help of writing important points on note cards. These note cards can be also be used to group similar data on the research together.

Outline: An outline is a rough map of the essay and defines its structure in a concise way. It help keeps the writer on track during the course of the essay writing.

First Draft: The first draft is often the elaboration of all the headings and points given in the outline. The different cited resources are added to the first draft.

Refine: After the whole of the draft is written it is revisited, and refined to get rid of errors, redundancy and structural mistakes.

Proof Read: The final draft is created after the refined version is proof read top eliminate all discrepancies.

Format: The specifics of a format are often provided by college professors to students. Some of the most popular formats are APA, ASA and MLA and their samples can easily be viewed on the Internet.

Any student who follows these steps to write his essay cannot go too wrong; may be in the very first attempt they might not be accepted but as they say, practice makes perfect. If you find these steps too much of a hassle, just visit to get your essays.