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Essay writing does not come easily to many students, especially students of higher academic levels like college. The difference in academic difficulty between a high school and college is vast and even students who were over achievers in high school sometimes have a hard time adjusting to college academics. One of the most problematic parts of college education is the amount of essays that are required to pass every subject. Not all college students have the time or the ability to finish such complex essays in the given time. offers its custom essay writing service for students who are undergoing such a situation. provides the most genuine and authentic essay that are well researched and well formatted and written by the most thorough custom essay writers.

Whenever gets an order for a custom essay from a student, the writer assigned to him follows these 5 crucial steps to prepare his custom essay.

Brainstorming and Research:  An expert custom essays writer does not simply put his pen to the paper as soon as he receives an order, but first brainstorms for ideas to get a better research topic. Brainstorming allows him to think without restraint which increases imagination and creativity; the result can yield a better approach of the topic. After this comes research, that is gathering the most valid and relevant data from multiple sources which include encyclopedia, academic journals, and online databases for academic research.

Creating an Outline: Once all the relevant information is available to write a custom essay, the custom essay writer creates a paper outline which allows him to map the different sections of the essay and insert the main points which will be included in the essay.

The Making of the First Draft: The first draft is the first time that you will start on the essay. It’s the very first written piece of your custom essay writing, so it is okay if it seems a bit rough. Although the introduction comes first when writing an essay, many writers leave it to write after they have completed the entire essay, so that no key point is missed. Hence, the body of the essay comprising of several paragraphs, is the first part to be written. The introduction which is written later should contain the thesis statement of an essay whose purpose is to tell the reader the objective of that topic. The conclusion summarizes and wraps up all the loose ends of the essay.

Revise: As it is only the first draft, a complete revision is necessary. An expert custom essays writer will ensure that the main points are sufficiently explained, and refined. The revised form of essay will be free from grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, will have no plagiarism and will be correctly cited.

Quality Assurance: The final draft will be sent to the quality assurance department which will double check it for content quality and information validity and will give their seal of approval.

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